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(1)    Right of Revocation and Returns

You may cancel the contract without specification of reasons within 14 days by a written note (email, fax, letter) or - if you received the merchandise before this deadline - by returning the merchandise. The respite begins with the receipt of this revocation information in text form, but not before the customer has received the merchandise and not before we carried out our duty of information in accordance with section 246 § 2 together with § 1 par. 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our duties according to § 312e par. 1 in BGB together with section 246 § 3 EGBGB. To comply with this term it is sufficient to either send a written revocation or return the merchandise within the deadline to:


Offerstr. 20

42551 Velbert


or send and email to: sales@anamon.eu


Excluded from this right of return are products that are offered in a digital form (e.g. software) AFTER they have been downloaded. The right of revocation for digital products BEFORE download is that according to the general revocation policy described above.

(2)    Consequences of Revocation

In case of an effective return, it must be ensured that services received by both parties are returned along with any benefits gained as a result (e.g. advantages of use). If you can return the merchandise only partially or only in a declined condition, you have to pay the damages for that. This is not the case, if the decline of condition is comparable to that of only testing the goods like it is possible in a store. You can avoid any damage by treating the merchandise as you would usually treat something, that is not yours and by avoiding anything, that could possibly decrease the value of the merchandise. You have to bear the costs of returning, if the received merchandise is the one you have ordered and if the price for the goods to return is not higher than 40 EURO. In all other cases returning is free for you and will be payed by us. Duties for payments must be done within 30 days. The deadline begins with your sending of a revocation or returning the merchandise and for us with the receipt of the same.